Color Detector

With Plain, Bute, Pearl, Aluminium, High Gloss, Larex, Textile, Cutter, Double Colour surface options...

ÖZEMEK PLASTIC continues technological innovations since 2008.

Laboratory environment is created for exact colour and pattern compatibility with colour control devices; and light sensitivity, UV resistance, and impact resistance of edge bands are increased.

Measurements of manufactured PVC Edge Bands change between 0.40 mm-3 mm thickness, and 19 mm - 60 mm width. And by offering exact measurement compatibility, customised dimensions can be manufactured with unlimited colour and pattern option.

Patterned and plain PVC foil is manufactured with 0.15mm thickness and 1100 mm width.

With enriched formula, flexible and problem-free cut was achieved with clear-cut and topper-cut, and with perfect adhesion property, the product is offered with superb quality.

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